Open Air Certified APIs

IATA Certification to promote adoption of Open API standards across the Airline Industry, under IATA Open API program

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IATA Open API prgram (link) serves as an enabler for achieving an Airline Industry Open Data Ecosystem through the adoption of open APIs, open standards, and open architecture. Such an ecosystem is crucial for accelerating the transition away from costly legacy systems towards open technology environment.

Core Service

The Open API Hub is an IATA core service to achieve the Open Data Ecosystem by
• enabling discoverability of industry APIs
• facilitating API onboarding
• promoting adoption of the industry Open API standards and programs


Open Air REST API standards have been developed by the IATA Open API working group and adopted by the industry.


IATA Open Air certification is to recognize the capability and commitment of providers whose APIs conform to the industry standards.
All Open Air certified APIs are listed in this collection.
To apply for certification, fill in the application form and submit to

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